Sustainable winegrowing at Crossroads

At Crossroads, we are passionate about everything that is wine. We love our wine and we love the land that helps us make it. So we’re doing everything we can to make sure we can keep making wine here indefinitely. That is why we practice sustainable winegrowing. 

We make sure that nothing we do now will have an effect that will detract from our land or wine in future.

All of our vineyards are fully accredited through the Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand programme. This New Zealand wine industry initiative was introduced in 1997 to promote best practice in activities such as water usage, energy consumption, waste management and biodiversity. 

SOME OF Our sustainable winegrowing practices INCLUDE

  • We limit the use of machinery in our Crossroads vineyards through multi-functioning. For instance, we’d put mower on the back of the tractor and a multi-row trimmer on the sides, so that both operations can be done in one pass. This saves around three tractor passes per vine per year – which is significant given the combined length of all our vineyard rows. 
  • We use grazing sheep rather than mechanical mowers to control the grass and weeds during autumn, winter and early spring. 
  • We planted slow-growing species of turf grasses between the vines. These grasses save several additional tractor passes per season.
  • We encourage predators in the vineyards as a natural form of pest control. 
  • We compost our grape marc and then spread it as a mulch on the vineyards. This adds organic matter and helps preserve soil moisture, further reducing the need for irrigation. 
  • We use recyclable packaging wherever possible on all of our products.